Credit loans, such as living water, to avoid debt growth

A Ping and his husband have a son, but after the divorce, the husband could not give alimony due to lack of financial ability. She had to raise the child alone. In order to take care of children, A Ping has been unstable for many years, and has stopped working. In the absence of working space, the cost of living still has to be spent, so he began to generate liabilities. In the case of card-raising, he could not pay for long-term normal payment. It made her credit situation abnormal. Over time, she accumulated nearly 5000 credit loans, which made her pressured and had to open her mouth to her parents.

Although the parents are willing to assist, the father himself is a mildly disabled person, and at the time of his retirement, he can give very limited. A Ping considers that her parents are older and have to make plans for themselves. Therefore, she does not want to worry her parents any more, and secretly covers up the facts of some debts. Parents think that her financial problems have been solved, so she is relieved, so even the same Living under one roof, she was unaware of her debt. A Ping was anxious to pay off his debts and keep looking for work. The process was not so smooth. However, under the pressure of the family economy, she was unable to repay her. When she was looking for a job, she also browsed the information on debt processing on the Internet, so she came to  International to seek professional advice on personal loans.

In fact, the reason for A Ping’s debt is very simple. Due to the unstable work, the financial nature is also unstable. In the eyes of ordinary people, the amount of debt of nearly 150,000 is not a big burden for a single mother like A Ping. She showed that she was willing to deal with the debts, but in the face of the monthly payment of tens of thousands of yuan, it was really more than enough, so we analyzed the debt handling plan for her, and considered her situation and suggested to deal with it by negotiation. She was originally I hope that the monthly payment will be reduced to 5,500 yuan after the consultation, but we look at her situation and said that she will find a more suitable solution for her, so that the amount will be lowered as much as possible.

After nearly two months of hard work, I hoped to negotiate successfully with the bank, and the bank will also abandon the unpaid interest payments for many years, divided into 150 periods, and the monthly payment is less than 1,000 yuan! I heard that there was only a three-digit amount, so that Aping, who had already been psychologically prepared to pay thousands of monthly payments, was very surprised! Even more gratifying is that A Ping has also successfully found a job!

In addition to congratulations to her, we also wished her a smooth job, reminding her to cherish the job opportunities, as long as there is a stable source of funds, paying on time, the debt will be finished one day. She also expressed her gratitude and said, "Fortunately, there is a loyalty to seek OK." After a professional and careful solution to the debt problem, she can reduce the pressure and face the future with more confidence.

Expert analysis:
When the money comes to use, it hates less, so the debt is not big or small. As long as it is produced, it is as disturbing as a thorn in the heart. For the average person, avoiding debt generation is an inevitable idea in life, but in the face of an accident, it is often unprepared. If you have friends and relatives to help, it is enough to ease the burden, but to really pay off the debt, you still have to own it. A stable job can be achieved. Single mothers like A Ping, although not profligate, but as long as the income of work is unstable, the generation of debt is inevitable, and even more and more accumulated. Whether it is involuntary unemployment or not, as long as you are willing to actively seek job opportunities, regardless of the salary, it will definitely help the debt, at least to prevent debt inflation; if it is left untreated, it will generate more problems, and then Life will be deeply affected by it, and it is not worth the candle. Therefore, although the financial resources do not have to be rolled in, but at least as live water, there are in and out, and timely expenditures, so that the inconvenience of debt growth, spread, and their own financial security.